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Bert Lysen: CMCA, AMS
“I assist associations in creating a great community by understanding and helping them implement their declarations.”
Sometimes it's all about seeing things differently. Bert Lysen, Association Manager for Morris Management, Inc. has perspective in magnitude. Perhaps it comes from 22 years in labor relations, where his work had to be approached with a delicate flair. Maybe it comes from being a Water District Manager, where the stakes could be high; after all water is essential to everyone. This extensive background proves Bert knows how to achieve consensus while being ever mindful of (as he likes to put it) the "house rules." In fact, his own homeowners association has looked to him to maintain their rules in a equitable manner as their compliance representative.

The flair for problem solving within constraints is why Bert is such an effective Manager. Morris Management Principal, Bruce Clary observes, "Bert's prior experience working with water districts and labor groups has provided him with insight into bringing groups with divergent interests to the table to try to work out solutions and compromises that everyone can live with. This skill transfers well to working with community associations." In addition to such an applicable practical background, Bert also holds the designations of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) and the Association Management Specialist (AMS) from Community Associations Institute (CAI).

Bert's strong resolve and bold spirit can also be seen in his personal life. A bike ride for Bert is riding off of Snoqualmie, Blewitt and Stevens passes. Yet, he can be found just as often pursuing his other passion of reading. Maybe that's why it is said that Bert embodies the Morris Management philosophy of being "pleased but never satisfied." It's clear Bert consistently strives to improve and won't give up. Yet, in his family he does find satisfaction, stating that his biggest achievement is raising two grown successful daughters and marrying a great woman..
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Beth Zollars: CMCA, AMS
“My clients can relate to me.”

Like many of her Morris Management clients, Beth Zollars has spent most of her life in the Seattle area. She understands the northwest lifestyle and shares her clients' desire to maintain it. "She's driven and completely committed," says principal Bruce Clary. "She's been with us since day one and has never hesitated to pitch in whenever and wherever she's been needed."

As a Community Association Manager, Beth sees herself as responsible for creating and maintaining communication between association boards, homeowners, developers and vendors. She achieves her goal of keeping communities cohesive by listening and responding quickly to their needs. Her empathy and understanding of her clients comes from personal experience juggling motherhood, continuing education classes, and a career she loves. She not only recognizes the value of her clients' time but displays unending patience giving her an advantage over the typical Community Association Manager. In addition, she brings years of experience as a customer service manager in the banking industry.

When it comes to Association Management, Beth knows her stuff. She holds an Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation from Community Associations Institute (CAI) and also holds the designations of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). Continuing her commitment to her clients and vocation, she is working towards obtaining her Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designation, the highest available from CAI.

Getting out and meeting community members is Beth's favorite part of her job. She adds, "It feels great knowing that I've done something to help each of them." Known as an early riser, always ready to go and willing to work late into the evenings, Beth embodies the spirit of Morris Management. This includes being involved in her own community through PTA, volunteering in the classroom, and participating in fundraising walks for charity. Beth also makes time for that favorite of northwest pastimes, camping with her four children.
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Bruce Clary: CMCA, AMS, PCAM
It’s all about building your team.”
When Bruce Clary decided there was a better way to provide quality association management, he did more than build a company. He put together an unbeatable team of management professionals. Drawing on almost 20 years of success as a team builder for construction and development companies, he has recruited dedicated specialists who share his vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Their talent and experience, coupled with Bruce's extensive background in both construction and real estate, allow Morris Management's clients access to a broad spectrum of expertise unlike that of other management companies.

Described by his staff as calm, compassionate, and undaunted by challenges, Bruce is extremely focused on maintaining the highest level of customer service. It's not surprising that his past achievements include a rapid rise to Vice President of Construction for a national homebuilder and achieving 98% customer satisfaction for yet another previous development employer.

As the principal of Morris Management, Bruce is responsible for both customer and employee satisfaction. He achieves this through an open-door policy not only with coworkers, but with all Morris Management client Board Members as well. By encouraging communication, Bruce is able to preclude potential problems and solve issues with dignified diplomacy.

Not one to be satisfied with status quo, Bruce is strongly committed to the ongoing education of his staff and himself. In addition to holding a Washington Real Estate Brokers license, he holds the designation of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). Furthermore, Bruce has attained the Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation and the prestigious Professional Community Associations Manager (PCAM) designation from Community Associations Institute (CAI).

When asked where to find Bruce when he's not at work, he responds, "At work." But rumor has it he's been seen fishing on local waters then tempting neighbors with the mouth-watering scents of his catch on his backyard barbecue. Bruce does his best to enjoy the sites and experiences of the Northwest, dining out, and barbecuing when the weather allows, and can even be found attending the occasional Mariners game. That is, if he ever pulls himself away from his favorite pastime - helping the Morris Management team outperform any competition.
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Cathy Lemon
“My job is to ensure that everyone at Morris Management has the tools and processes in place to efficiently serve our clients in a manner tailored to fit their individual needs.”
Morris Management feels extremely privileged to have an Office Manager of Cathy Lemon's caliber on the team. Over 20 years of experience in coordinating and streamlining administration, she brings office efficiency to a whole new level. Her career has taken her from Alaska to New Mexico and Las Vegas before settling in the northwest in early 2000. She has managed stores, offices, and credit departments for businesses involving real estate, manufacturing, clothing and commercial baking. With her diverse background and appreciation of challenges, she is a perfect fit with Morris Management.

Cathy prides herself in coordinating a smooth-running operation. A self-proclaimed "efficiency freak", she says her position at Morris is tailor made for her. "I enjoy tackling a variety of projects and am enthusiastic about discovering new and innovative solutions," states Cathy. Co-workers say she is unflappable, maintaining a composed and consistent front while processing a tremendous volume of information. "Her keen grasp on our customer oriented business style makes Cathy essential to our company operations," asserts principal Bruce Clary.

Working with Morris Management calls for active participation in their team approach to serving customers and Cathy thrives on this. She cites the discussions at weekly staff meetings as a favorite aspect of her job. "Every employee of Morris Management has the same goal - to do the very best for all of our associations. That's why we work so well as a team and why our associations not only have a Community Association Manager, but an entire organization (with all their combined experience) in the background striving toward excellence."

When not in the office, Cathy can be found with either a book or a paint roller in her hand. Besides home renovating and gardening, Cathy enjoys needlework, reading and barbecuing with the family, and hopes to take up furniture design. She adds, "I am proud of my family and my friendships and of my success at making positive and lasting changes in how people approach their businesses."  
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Coral Cardon: CMCA, AMS
“You feel welcome from the moment you walk through the door.”
From day one at Morris Management, Coral Cardon was able to hit the ground running. Having already worked as a Community Association Manager in Nevada for over four years she had obtained the designation of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) and the Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation from Community Associations Institute (CAI). She worked as a Portfolio Manager for 13 associations including one Master Association of 2,500 units. Now she draws from her extensive knowhow and outstanding track record to add additional depth and experience to the Morris Management team.

Coral's calm demeanor and positive outlook allow her to get along with all types of personalities. Her energy, excellent follow through and willingness to go the extra mile make all who work with her happy she is on their team. This feeling is shared by clients and co-workers alike. As noted by Bruce Clary, Principal at Morris Management, "She enthusiastically looks forward to taking on any and all challenges with a calm, reasonable and thorough approach."

When not contributing her many talents to the communities she serves, you can find Coral with her husband and two sons. Her personal activities show a large and diverse list of interests. She loves to sing and plays multiple instruments (applying two years in college as a music major.) In the sports arena she enjoys golf, football, basketball, swimming, tae kwon do, fishing and bowling. Add to that gardening, horses, nature, reading and cooking. Plus, somehow she has also found time to volunteer in the Exchange Club and serve as a Chamber Ambassador. With so much positive energy and diverse interests, Coral easily finds common ground with just about anyone she meets.
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Crystal Poskey
“The Morris Management professionals work very hard for their clients to give them more than they expected.”
Crystal Poskey believes in teamwork. Having played and coached at the collegiate level, she knows how each member must fulfill their respective role in order for a team to succeed. This is particularly true in her chosen sport of volleyball. Here players rotate into all the different positions, so they must be adept at playing the full court. Yet, the ideal for each volley is a bump, set and spike, requiring precise coordination of the teammates. Bruce Clary, Principal observes, "Crystal understands that in order for a team to succeed, everyone must fulfill their respective critical role. If one person fails, the team likely fails. That realization fits well with our company culture. Each person in our firm plays a critical role in delivering a comprehensive product to each client - just as each player on a volleyball team plays a critical role in the team's ability to win (or lose) the match."

As a collegiate volleyball coach, Crystal spent her career bringing individuals with different personalities, backgrounds and strengths together to work toward a common goal. According to Crystal, "I feel like my previous profession helps me now because it was goal oriented, very similar to Morris Management." Yet, it's more than volleyball that has contributed to her skill set. Crystal holds a B.S in Biology and has traveled and lived all over the United States. Throughout, she held service-based positions and applied a tremendous work ethic. From this experience, Crystal gained the ability to recognize what people need. Yet, with Crystal, it doesn't end there; she takes the extra step to act on those needs, always eager to lend a helping hand.

Despite traveling and living in so many places, it's Washington State that Crystal considers home. Having grown up here, her interests are what you might expect; camping, hiking, skiing, and being outdoors. She's a sport fan including, of course, volleyball. Always eager to try new things, Crystal's making sure not to miss any sites. She has checked out the Big Wheel, the Show Box, even the gum wall. After all, Crystal loves to travel, even at home.
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Cyndi Vidal
“Each manager is dedicated to each and every one of their clients and truly understands the importance of their home and value.”
When it comes to Cyndi Vidal, what you see is what you get, unfiltered kindness. It's who she is and how she interacts with the world:

A genuine person: sincere, honest, truthful, straightforward, direct, frank, candid, open, natural, unaffected, informal, straight, upfront, on the level, on the up and up, in other words: Cynthia (Cyndi) Vidal.

Such a person cannot help but make a good first impression. Such a person is driven to help others. Such a person maintains a positive outlook. Such a person believes in commitments and honesty. Such a person is perfectly suited to be the "Director of First Impressions" within the Morris Management team. According to Cathy Lemon, Office Manager, "Cyndi is a very courteous and friendly individual. These traits show in the way she connects with the people that call or visit our office. Her demeanor instantly makes our clients feel at home and her sincere wish to assist them just adds to the comfortable feeling that they've come to the right place to get their community issues addressed."

Cyndi's straightforward manner makes her an asset when it comes to all aspects of her position. She's tech savvy, detailed, a quick learner, and loves grammar and editing (she holds an Editing Certificate from the University of Washington). With years in customer service, she knows how to communicate; in fact, she is working toward a BA in Communications at Seattle Community College. Plus, understanding others is what Morris is all about, so Cyndi's genuine approach is a perfect fit. As she puts it, "They understand that the smallest issue is just as important as any."

At home, Cyndi enjoys a love of animals (especially her cats) and many friends. Not one to sit idly, she has found building websites is a natural extension to her knack for communication and continues to work toward her degree. For fun, she can be found rocking out by taking advantage of our local music talent, viewing thought-provoking films, or simply reading. No matter where, Cyndi embraces life and those around her.
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Deborah R. Parker, CMCA
“The people at Morris Management provide quality service through dedicated management, customer loyalty and continued employee education.”

When Deborah (Debi) Parker joined the Morris Management team, it was an immediate and perfect fit. Her personal philosophy regarding her position as an Association Manager matches nearly word for word what those at Morris have been saying for years. That is, " To ethically represent the association to the best of my abilities with honesty and integrity." Add to that, Debi already had gained the designation of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). An active member of WSCAI, Debi appreciates (just like others at Morris) the importance of continuing her education and staying on top of the latest developments in the industry.

Yes, Debi knows her stuff, with years of experience in not just the association management field, but also as a rental manager, office administrator, collections and medical biller, an Apple service provider and legal secretary. According to South Sound Division Manager, Kwasi Okyere, "Debi's experience enables her to dive right in and address various matters related to her communities." That includes working with developers, declarant boards, as well as new and established boards; community transitions; board and homeowner education; possible legal implications; technology and organizational challenges; and her personal specialty, exceptional customer service skills and conflict resolution. Debi approaches all challenges with commitment, loyalty and a drive for self improvement."My favorite part of my job," she remarks, "is when I am able to tackle a difficult situation and resolve the issue in a manner that is acceptable to each party."

Leave it to someone who had raised two children on her own to be so adept at conflict resolution. In fact, now she takes pride seeing how her own grown children deal with change and conflict with both self respect and respect for others. How does Debi maintain such balance and perspective? Maybe it comes from her love of animals, her many friends, or the outdoors. Regardless, Debi has found rewarding and constructive ways to spend free time and express her ingenuity.
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Heather Hasshaw: CMCA, AMS
“Morris Management shows a dedication to customer service and promoting a sense of community while still meeting the needs of the board and homeowners.”

When Heather Hasshaw showed up on the radar of Morris Management's Principal Bruce Clary, he jumped at the opportunity to add her to their existing team of all-stars, "We do not often have an opportunity to invite a Community Association Manager with Heather's experience and values to join our team." To no one's surprise, she was able to step in and immediately and very competently take on a portfolio of community associations. Already a member of CAI, Heather holds the designations of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) and the Association Management Specialist (AMS) from Community Associations Institute (CAI). This is on top of a Bachelors degree in Business Management, plus real estate and insurance licenses.

Having years of experience working with community associations, Heather knows the importance of communication and follow-up, not only with the board members, but with the general residents. Known for her diligence and integrity, Heather says that she, "believes in old-fashion customer service and hands-on problem solving." Perhaps this simple attitude is why Heather has managed to remain in this industry long after others 'burn-out.'

Such integrity and respect for others is evident in Heather's personal life as well. A dedicated mother to her young son, she loves spending time with him in the outdoors or catching a Seahawks or Sounders game. With a commitment to her community, Heather helps families in need with food drives, secret Santa programs, and various other community projects. Any other time is spent with friends and family, often enjoying a good meal cooked by Heather.
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Heather Morgan: CMCA, AMS
“You can count on me to do as much as I can to help.”

It's nice how the right perspective can smooth out the rough spots. Heather Morgan possesses a special talent to find the shred of humor in a difficult situation. Nothing mean-spirited or one-sided, rather Heather diffuses the tension and helps the parties involved take a step back, which allows everyone to move forward with a smile. It's a skill Heather has used countless times in her position at Morris Management, Inc. In fact, she often quips that she'll have to write a book someday, there are just so many experiences to share!

Heather is all about experience. Heather was a librarian for nearly a decade. She has the skills to research subjects, ensure a high level of organization, and maintain a friendly and professional manner (yet never speak louder than a whisper.) Subsequently, Heather has been involved in community association management for years. Starting out as a receptionist for an association management company, she quickly began assisting and training others, until finally moving into the position of manager. She has obtained designations of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) and the Association Management Specialist (AMS) from Community Associations Institute (CAI). This experience has given her a broad and well-seasoned perspective appreciated by all.

""Heather provides the exceptional service that Morris Management strives to offer because she understands the unique challenges and circumstances of community associations. She also has a great sense of humor and a lot of patience… both important attributes here!" – Leah Corley, Association Manager, Morris Management, Inc.

You just know you can count on Heather to do as much as she can to help others whether at work or home. A very involved Aunt, she recognizes the different personalities of her 4 nephews and 1 niece, and makes time to celebrate each. She also volunteers by teaching kids at her church. After all, being born and raised right here in the Puget Sound, this is Heather's community and her roots run deep.
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Jessica Nyland
"We go the distance for our clients. There's nothing that can't be done."

Jessica Nyland loves to cook and many of the qualities that make her successful in the kitchen apply to her role in administrative support at Morris Management, Inc. After all, a good cook knows the right balance of ingredients to get the best blend of flavors. Likewise Jessica manages multiple, often overlapping responsibilities simultaneously. Yet Jessica makes it all happen seamlessly.

A good cook must be detailed and accurate: precise measurements, thorough preparation and timing are often the difference between superb and mediocre. Jessica is ever forward thinking, organized and unshakable. Information is correct and accurate. For Jessica, such diligence has been needed throughout her career, including previous positions as a Registrar at a Real Estate School, a Customer Service Supervisor with an entertainment provider, and especially Medical Billing where it has to be right.

Often the best recipes are developed through time, trial and error. A good cook isn't afraid to try new ideas, knowing that there is always room for improvement. In her role as Community Website Administrator, she manages the setup as well as maintenance of community websites. This entails the initial setup, responding to homeowner login requests, posting items to the website, whatever's needed. These responsibilities are a perfect match for her creativity and motivation.

Lastly, a good cook is generous, always happy to serve others. Jessica's favorite part of her job is, "Being able to make someone's day a tad easier." This giving nature expands into all aspects of her life. It's no wonder her greatest sense of pride and joy comes from her family. After all, aren't good relationships built sharing a good meal?
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Jennifer Suemnicht: CMCA, AMS
"The people of Morris Management are a warm, welcoming group, all are helpful, knowledgeable, and professional."

Jennifer Suemnicht understands people. She listens, really listens, and because of that her drive to serve her clients comes from a deep, personal perspective. That's why helping communities as a Community Association Manager at Morris Management, Inc. comes naturally to Jennifer. With over five years in the Real Estate industry Jennifer knows how to get things done. Add to that a BA in Political Science and positions as Fundraising and Special Events Coordinator and Blood Donor Representative for the American Red Cross, and it becomes clear Jennifer has a unique appreciation for volunteers and what they need to be most effective. "Since community association governance and many projects are driven by and rely upon the efforts of volunteers from within the community, Jennifer's background in organizing groups of volunteers serves our clients well," observes Bruce Clary, company Principal.

Jennifer is a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), a designation from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). She has also earned the designation of Association Management Specialist (AMS) from Community Associations Institute (CAI). She continues to pursue advanced designations from CAI, ensuring she has a firm grasp on the issues faced by association volunteers and is keeping current on changes in the industry.

For Jennifer, empathy and professionalism go hand in hand. So does the ability to see multiple perspectives and juggle multiple tasks. In fact, her ability to understand others' perspectives may be what drives her to maintain multiple commitments. Jennifer is constantly putting forth extra effort and working long hours to ensure deadlines are kept. Yet she loves the diversity, exclaiming what she enjoys most about her work is, "The ability to manage several projects at once, listen to and address people's concerns." Always a team player, she adeptly applies her aptitude for communicating to the collective problem solving approach employed at Morris Management. Again, Bruce Clary praises Jennifer noting, "By having a fresh perspective and asking great questions, she pushes all of us to re-think our processes and procedures and, as a result, makes us an even better team than we already are."

Jennifer's appreciation for others and undying energy transfer into her personal life. Still committed to the Red Cross she continues to serve on the Leadership Team for PiA (Professionals in Action) for King & Kitsap Counties. She puts her fundraising experience to work for Habitat for Humanity, the Multiple Sclerosis Society and many other great organizations. Yet she still finds time to play volleyball, hike, bike, make sure her dog gets his daily walk, garden and then share the fruits of her efforts with tasty dinner parties for friends.
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Jill Wright
"I make sure that all customers, both internal and external, have anything and everything dealing with finances accurately and in a timely manner.”

Jill Wright brings decades of experience to her role as Bookkeeper. During her career she also excelled in applying her flair for details to roles in operations supervision, as an office manager, in training/development and property management. That's why Community Association Manager Shirley Ely immediately thought of Jill as a great fit for the Morris Management team. Having worked with Jill previously, Shirley happily endorsed her saying, "She has great communication skills... she is kind, patient and has a business-like manner that works well for homeowners, board members and co-workers alike. Jill is always willing to help when someone has a need for her assistance."

Of course, Jill is always happy to contribute to the Morris Management team. She loves coming to work daily, "This is the most pleasant environment, everyone is so compatible and accommodating! Everyone likes being here – likes what they do, wants to help." That why Jill, who researches an issue until she has an answer, fits right in. "With an undying thirst for knowledge, Jill tries to improve what we do by bringing a new perspective and applying her extensive industry experience," observes coworker, John Barnes. Jill ensures all of her contributions are presented clearly and correctly, bringing calm to the storm and topping it off with a fantastic sense of humor. This makes reporting the progress made for clients by the Morris team much easier. Plus the association budgets are always transparent and clearly understood.

Beyond the world of Morris Management, Jill's still taking care of others. Anyone who cooks as well as she does obviously does it out of love and a desire to give to others. Jill's crocheting is quite impressive (she even won a ribbon at the state fair), yet she can't say she owns even one of the countless afghans she has produced. Rather, she chooses to gift them as labors of love to friends and relatives. For Jill it's more about the doing from learning. Getting fulfillment from the school of life, there isn't a day that Jill doesn't seek to learn something new.
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John Barnes
“I bring the practical experience necessary to ensure accountability.”
One of the keys to any successful business is to put a skilled and diligent bookkeeper in charge of financials. John Barnes has been helping Morris Management toe the financial line from day one. He brings logic and practical experience from over 15 prior years in his field, including time spent with a large real estate agency.

As an original member of the Morris team, John knows first hand what sets his company apart from the rest. "We customize to fit our clients' needs rather than expecting them to fit into some kind of standardized package," explains John. "It's all part of our commitment to service." He also credits some of their success to their extensive experience in working with developers.

John's pride in his co-workers is obvious. He says his favorite part of his job is getting to work with the Morris team. "We all work so well together it makes the company stronger as a whole," says John. Although he and his team maintain an intense pace at work, John likes to do his part to keep the atmosphere light, saying that he was born to do stand up comedy but cursed with the brain of an accountant. When asked to describe his life outside of the workplace, he laughs, "I have five children. I'm tired."  But he's quick to add that he loves nothing more than to spend time at the park with his kids and the family pooches. John has a lot to be proud of, not the least of which is his loving wife and family. But his abilities and his dedication to overseeing the financial landscape for Morris Management's clients will keep this company forever grateful.
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Jon Eidukas: CPA
“Satisfied clients and good reputations are not gained overnight, they are earned over a long period of time.”

Jon Eidukas, Controller for Morris Management, has the experience and depth of character to be sought by nearly any management firm. His distinguished background and education is compounded by nearly 20 prior years of service in all aspects of community association management. In addition to his BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington, he obtained his Washington State CPA license and is a licensed Property and Casualty Insurance Broker. He has also been licensed as a Mortgage Broker, and Real Estate Agent. Jon has worked for years as a Community Association Manager and as a Controller. Recently he ran the Portland, Oregon office for a leading community association management company before being promoted to CFO of the entire firm. This diverse background allows Jon to manage the Morris Management accounting department and staff so clients receive the highest quality financial information, guidance and service.

Why did Jon choose to join the Morris team? "Morris Management has an outstanding reputation for quality service – industry colleagues with decades of industry experience recommend Morris to potential clients – in this industry, word of mouth is key," explains Jon. Of course, Jon's experience and attitude make him a key member of the Morris Management team. "In our industry there are many talented Community Association Managers and many talented finance professionals. However; rarely do we come across a professional who can capably wear both hats – understanding how they relate to each other and how each relates to our clients. Jon is just such a professional," exclaims Bruce Clary, company principal.

Jon's high level of commitment and work ethic can also be found in his home life. In addition to raising two daughters with his wife Theresa, Jon is active in both his church and school community: coaching a youth soccer team; running the annual children's carnival with his wife; and simply lending a helping hand whenever needed. Somehow he also finds time to read, a valued pastime. It is in reading Jon is able to continue his ongoing quest for new ideas.
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Joseph Barron:
"Customers can be assured that they are in good hands with Morris.”

Joseph Barron appreciates others. He makes sure to keep an open mind and can quickly recognize the attributes of those he meets. According to Joseph, "You can almost always find out something interesting about someone if you get them talking enough." It's a true talent to get others to relax and open up, a talent Joseph possesses in magnitude. Given the fact that Joseph spent years owning and running restaurants, he has had his fair share of interactions with all types of personalities. True to Joseph's nature, no matter his occupation, he most enjoys getting to know people and learning their stories.

When Joseph was in the restaurant industry, there wasn't a job he didn't do at some point. Sure some of that comes when you own and operate your own place, but more so, it came from Joseph's desire to know the industry top to bottom. With such knowledge, he applied his understanding of people and top organizational skills to gain success in a very competitive market. The same is true now as an Association Manager; Joseph takes stock of those involved, what needs to happen, and provides guidance to get there. Yet again, there is the drive to know this business top to bottom, so Joseph continues to pursue ongoing education in the association management field. This education is a natural supplement to his BS in Business Administration. The Morris Management South Sound Manager, Kwasi Okyere observes. "Joseph dived in right from the beginning. He is driven by his desire to learn more about community association management and how to provide the required service to our clients."

Not surprisingly, Joseph's drive and interpersonal skills play a significant role in his personal life as well. He loves sports (go Huskies!) and relishes competition; playing softball, basketball, soccer and golf. Joe jumps at any chance to travel, whether finding that perfect spot for camping and fishing or snorkeling in the Caribbean. Either way, his love of food (and cooking skills) ensures dinner will be amazing. Yet, Joseph's greatest triumph is his children. "I am very proud of my children because of their work ethic, their excellent grades in school, and the good choices they have made in life so far." It's obvious Joseph's example is paying off.
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Kristina Henninger
"I feel customer service experience is the most important quality to provide in this field."
As a Community Association Manager at Morris Management, Inc. Kristina Henninger is a persistent advocate for the association members she serves. Adding to her tenaciousness is over 20 prior years experience in the property management and real estate industries. Plus, Kristina holds an Associates Degree of Technical Arts in Professional Management. So with such gumption, comes experience and knowledge – Kristina is a powerful ally. Bruce Clary, company principal observes, "Her work ethic is second to none on our team. She does whatever she needs to do in order to get the job done and has a bit of a stubborn determination to triumph over obstacles that wander into her path."

Yet, Kristina manages to get results without ruffling feathers. That's because she is driven by a fine-tuned empathy resulting from an entire career focused on customer service. Her understanding of others and the situations they face gives Kristina a heightened sense of responsibility and dedication. As summarized by Bruce Clary, "Kristina has the ability to serve our clients well as she moves back and forth from having the empathy to take great care of our clients and homeowners while also having the strength and temperament to command respect from our clients' vendors in order to get tasks and projects completed."

Empathy, determination and dedication may be the qualities of someone who provides outstanding customer service. But more so, they are the qualities of a fantastic mother. Kristina proudly exclaims her biggest achievement so far is being a mom. Together with her daughter, they enjoy sporting events, the outdoors, traveling, singing and community theater. Yet, no matter what is on the agenda for the day, Kristina will make sure it is done right.
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Kwasi Okyere: CMCA, AMS, PCAM
“Morris Management and I share a philosophy: clients deserve our best in everything we do.”
With more than 10 years of previous Property and Association Management experience gained in Las Vegas, Kwasi Okyere brings solid expertise and a unique perspective to Morris Management. Working in the then fastest-growing and most competitive real estate market in the US taught Kwasi that exceptional service trumped all else when interacting with clients.

This client-first approach to the profession and high praises from homeowners led Morris Management to hire Kwasi in March 2006. Especially impressive was the demonstrated passion Kwasi has for his communities and his proven dependability, commitment to hard work, easy-going sense of humor, and sincerity. It's no wonder that when Morris opened their DuPont office, they looked to Kwasi to lead that team as the South Sound Division Manager.

Using his education to help clients is a key to Kwasi's success. He holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Sociology and a Certificate in Community Association Management. Additionally, he has earned his Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). Plus, Kwasi has earned the Association Management Specialist (AMS) and the prestigious Professional Community Associations Manager (PCAM) designations from Community Associations Institute (CAI). Bruce Clary, company Principal says, "Kwasi's advanced degree in Sociology and experience helps us and our clients better understand how groups of people interact and relate, so we can build the foundation for even stronger communities."

Kwasi jumps headfirst into the active Northwest lifestyle. He enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and horseback riding, and rainy-day pastimes such as watching movies, cooking, reading, and volunteering as a board member for his own homeowners association. Soon he hopes to learn to scuba dive!
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Leticia Hannah: CMCA
"Count on Morris Management for stability and trust."
After a long day traveling, you finally make it to the hotel and are so grateful to the woman at the counter. Your stress melts, your vacation has started, and it's because someone is, at last, taking care of you. Someone finds your exhausted children charming. Someone is going the extra mile, taking care of all your needs, and telling you she'll be there throughout your stay, to make your holiday the best possible. Leticia Hannah is that person.

Lucky for those relying on Morris Management, Inc. for community association management services, Leticia Hannah now works for you. As an Association Manager Assistant, she transfers the skills she perfected in the hospitality industry to make your stay at home equally pleasant. "Leticia's extensive background in working with individuals in emotionally charged situations via telephone and through email should serve the homeowners in our communities well. She has learned through experience how to work with people she is communicating with to move efficiently past the drama and emotion so they may begin working on a solution to their situation," raves Bruce Clary, Morris Management Principal.

Leticia knows what it's like to juggle work, family and home life. Her approach is always systematic and disciplined, staying on course and keeping the end objective in sight. Because of that, you know she's got your back. She understands what is needed and does it.

With Leticia, there is no question about the high value she gives to others. This is seen in her love of travel and learning different cultures, the esteem she shows co-workers and clients, and the enjoyment of team sports like softball. But it is most evident in the love and pride she has for her sons.
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Luiza Limona: CMCA, AMS
“Our staff, depth of resources and painstaking attention to detail, set us apart from every other association management company.”
As a Community Association Manager, Luiza Limona brought to Morris Management a variety of other managerial experience, from retail to engineering, to environmental consulting; she even did a stint in shipping and maritime management in Greece.

Her varied background has taught her excellent customer service skills, commitment and dedication. Experienced with a variety of cultures and opinions, she possesses the ability to listen equally to board members and residents. "Morris Management is different from other management companies; we use a team approach; we have 24-hour emergency access to our staff; we always return phone calls. There are NO false promises!"

Luiza has earned a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) along with the AMS (Association Management Specialist) designation from Community Association Institute (CAI). Not one to sit back and relax, Luiza is continuously seeking additional education to ensure she is always knowledgeable and current. "I enjoy exceeding expectations," she says enthusiastically.

In her off-time, Luiza loves sailing, gardening, remodeling her home, cooking and traveling. She has a special interest in the arts, and has traveled around the world putting to good use her fluency in the Romanian and Greek languages.
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Lynne Diercks:
“Morris offers a group of industry educated professionals that truly work as a team for the betterment of all."
Lynne Diercks' impressive career spans residential, commercial and multifamily construction, escrow services, real estate brokerage and property management. A Washington native, she has spent most of her life in Bellevue. Armed with an AA in Sciences, a real estate brokers license, the designation of Certified Sales Professional (CSP) and local and national business experience, Lynne fully contributes to the Morris Management service team. Just ask Bruce Clary, Morris Management Principal, "Lynne has a unique background working with developers, both large and small, in the warranty and HOA departments. It is unusual to have an Assistant or Manager who really understands the processes that take place as communities are still on the drawing board. That background serves both our clients and Lynne's peers well."

On top of such uncommon work experience is an uncommon individual. A natural team contributor, Lynne is someone with good, "walking around sense." She remembers the details, understands opposing points of views, and performs her job with utmost integrity. "Lynne tells you what she is going to do and then commits to doing it," observes Bruce Clary. She approaches her job with a uncompromising work ethic and desire to please. In fact, it's just like Lynne to recognize her biggest professional achievement not as a pinnacle event, but as something she works to repeat as often as possible. As she puts it, "I'm most proud when I help to spark another's interest while I assist/mentor them."

A person of Lynne's character will also assist/mentor others personally. She takes pride in her family and can be found working in her church's food bank and thrift store, doing fund raisers for breast cancer awareness and working on behalf of animal welfare. Yet, she knows the more she learns herself, the more she can help others. In her love of travel and literature she is a student of the world, yet she is most content on the waters edge (often enjoying a good local wine). No wonder Lynne calls Bellevue home.
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Mahboobeh Nazer:
"At Morris, the internal relationships of the staff are as members of a unified family, everyone performs to their highest ability in a very genuine manner.”
For Mahboobeh Nazer, Morris Management bookkeeper, family is foremost. With family there is trust, respect, stability and accountability. This is true not just for her 'work' family, but also her 'home' family. Being a Mom is for Mahboobeh one of her greatest achievements. She and her husband center their lives on family, "Our children are our identity that we leave behind. We celebrate each step of their development from walking, speaking and baby teeth, to graduation, first jobs, and marriage. I continue to daydream of what great events will be presented to these upstanding young men." It's no wonder Mahboobeh's finely cultivated "mom" instincts spill over into her professional life. According to Jon Eidukas, Controller for Morris Management, "Mahboobeh has the caring spirit that embodies Morris Management's emphasis on service to our clients."

On top of motherhood, Mahboobeh possesses an expanse of experiences that have cultivated a broad perspective on life. This allows her to effectively address the many varied situations and circumstances of Morris Management's clients and the association management needs that arise. An avid traveler, she has been throughout the US and visited several countries on four continents. Even her education is varied, as she possesses BAs in both accounting and English literature on top of an AA in accounting from Bellevue College. She has held accounting positions (staff accountant for a management company, accounting manager) plus worked as a teacher's assistant. No matter, Mahboobeh approaches every task as if it were for family, with strong integrity and perseverance, making sure she completes it to the highest level of satisfaction.

But to Michael, it's more than each matter at hand being addressed. He sees the big picture, recognizing how the whole community benefits from the guidance and solutions offered though Morris. In fact this is the part of the job he finds most satisfying, " It's knowing that I am helping people with the most important thing in their lives - their home. A person's home is the most personal possession they will ever own and whether I am on the phone, in person or writing a letter, I remain cognizant of that fact."

It's natural that the concept of family spills over to all aspects of Mahboobeh's life. When reflecting on her position at Morris Management, she remarks, "I am so glad that I am part of very a sincere, professional, and responsible organization. The company's Principal (Bruce Clary) acts as if we are his children. He gives each of us the support we need to achieve our highest level of performance. So, the internal relationships of the staff are as member of unified family, every one performs to their highest ability in very genuine manner." With such a perspective, Mahboobeh's strong commitment to her profession, like that of her own family, is one of dedication, honesty and appreciation.
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Michael Bruneau: CMCA
"While we focus on the details and the task at hand, we are constantly mindful of the broader picture - our community.”
When it comes to community association management, Michael Bruneau is right where he belongs. It's more than his years of experience in the industry. It's also more than Michael earning the designation of Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). Rather, it's his approach to service that makes him a natural fit into the Morris Management, Inc. team. Long before Michael actually worked for Morris, he recognized it as a place where employees were happy and warm. He also saw how that good will translated into well cared for, happy clients. "You simply will not find a community association management company more dedicated to their customers," relishes Michael, "Our managers have an understanding and a familiarity with their properties which is unsurpassed. And the work we do, the way we operate, is with an understanding that at the end of the day, our job is about customer service."

Michael brings enthusiasm to all aspects of his life, but is particularly passionate about his work. His dedication to getting the job done right goes hand in hand with his insatiable desire to help others. As assessed by Cathy Lemon, Office Manager, "Mike embodies the spirit of Morris Management because he's dedicated, he wants to help, he's determined to get the job done right (the first time) and he does it all with a smile on his face."

But to Michael, it's more than each matter at hand being addressed. He sees the big picture, recognizing how the whole community benefits from the guidance and solutions offered though Morris. In fact this is the part of the job he finds most satisfying, " It's knowing that I am helping people with the most important thing in their lives - their home. A person's home is the most personal possession they will ever own and whether I am on the phone, in person or writing a letter, I remain cognizant of that fact."

With such solid values and endless zest for life, Michael naturally looks to help others in his personal time as well. Volunteering with the Seattle Police Department's Domestic Violence Victim Support Team (VST) allows him to bring goodness where it is most lacking and further serve the community. After all, the organization provides aid, shelter and education for countless victims in the Seattle area. Services that strongly resonate with Michael.

With the amount of energy Michael possesses, it's no wonder he is first in his family to obtain a Masters Degree from Seattle University after gaining his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington. Never one to sit still, he can be found biking, running, hiking, you name it, just as long as his yellow lab, Brooks is by his side. He has even traveled to all 50 states. Next stop, the world. Look out Europe and Asia, Michael's coming to share his passion for all that life has to offer.
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Michael Howe: CMCA, AMS
“At Morris Management we will likely deliver more than you think you need.”
When discussing his position as a Community Association Manager, Michael Howe reflects, "When the work that you do is an extension of your personality, it's enjoyable and comes very naturally." Michael possesses the inherent ability to truly understand what others say. He is able to clarify challenges so they can be resolved. Furthermore, he instinctively identifies with many personalities and reflects this in the solutions he offers. These continuing experiences helped Michael to recognize long ago that this line of work simply suits him.

Michael capitalized on his strong interpersonal skills with extensive practical experience, working first in the real estate industry then employing his knack for community association management. Having attained his Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) and the Association Management Specialist (AMS) from Community Associations Institute (CAI), Michael says it's just a matter of time before he holds every certification in the industry. What's more, having participated in team sports and attending college on an athletic scholarship, he is able to recognize the importance of a team working together to achieve a common and collective goal. This translates well to the Morris Management's team approach to serving customers.

Given Michael's obvious appreciation of others, it's not surprising that he spends most of his personal time with his family and friends – although he does enjoy a round of golf from time to time. Perhaps his positive perspective on life is tied to his biggest accomplishment. After all, not many of us can say we have had the privilege of actually saving another's life.
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Olivia Vos, CMCA
“I approach my work with precision and accuracy in my duties with excellent customer service and a friendly, positive attitude.”
Look no further than Olivia Vos to check the details. She knows the importance of the fine points in life. Furthermore, she has the capability to see what others often miss. This ability extends primarily from two careers she held prior to becoming a Community Association Manager at Morris Management, Inc. First of all, Olivia was a legal assistant for more than 10 years. The very nature of the job requires careful and precise application. What's more, she is adept at translating legalese for the rest of us to be able to digest. Secondly, Olivia appreciates the world with an artist's eye. She possesses the capacity to notice the obscure. In fact, she even owns her own photography studio, capturing details with a lens. Now Olivia expresses her artistic talents simply for the love of it (she also draws and paints), while she harnesses her visual gift to ensure meticulousness in her work. This, of course, makes Morris Management a great place for her to excel, "Our fantastic team of hard-working professionals provides a team of Managers, Assistants and Bookkeepers for every community we work with to ensure that every detail is fully covered and our clients can customize and enjoy their unique neighborhoods without worry."

It's no wonder Olivia's contribution to Morris Management is of high value. After all, she combines such unique and useful experience with a willingness to accept any challenge or task, and the capability to understand and efficiently complete it. What's more, Olivia has attained the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB). Office Manager, Cathy Lemon exclaims, "Olivia has an infectious enthusiasm for life and it shows in her attitude toward her her work, her fellow employees and our clients. She grabs challenges by the horns, wrestles them to the ground, overcomes them and then promptly pops up and exclaims, "Ta Da!" This zest to master issues is exactly the attitude we embrace at Morris."

Through it all, Olivia treasures the world she discerns, both personally and professionally. With her keen eye she helps with environmental beach clean-up. Because of her appreciation of community, she volunteers at the Lions Club (as one who sees so well, she makes sure to aid those who cannot), and annually laces up for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Through her extensive travels she has seen Europe, the Americas, the South Pacific, Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas and will continue through Africa, Asia and New Zealand as opportunity permits. Yet wherever she goes, Olivia can be counted to notice others on the way and share her love of laughter.
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Rich Sand: CMCA
"I am of the opinion that there is not a problem that can't be solved – some just require more effort and attention than others."
Rich Sand is the kind of guy who comes up with the solution that's simple and ingenious all at once. Perhaps this is partly due to his background in construction. After all, he started his own company repairing rental units. With a solid knowledge of construction and how to fix things, Rich operated this business for nearly 10 years. This success lead to a Sydney, Australia-based firm approaching Rich to launch their company in America. Despite not being given a business plan or any real direction, Rich dove head first into this venture in the pet industry. When you start from zero, there's no place to go but up, and up is where he went. By the time Rich moved on six years later, he could boast 11 full-time employees, 6500+ retail customers in the US and Canada, and sales in excess of $2 million.

With such an impressive background, Rich has proven interpersonal skills, problem solving and organizational skills. When you spend some time with Rich, it is apparent he is a straight shooter, a man of his word, humble, and fair. He relates well with others and has a genuine interest in helping them. So community association management was an ideal career into which Rich transitioned, "I served as HOA Board President for 9 years and dealt with all types of people, personalities, and problems that are found in any association." Here Rich applied his skills to deal with all that while still moving forward with all the tasks that are required from budgeting to maintenance, to major repair, to emergency situations. Bruce Clary, Principal of Morris Management, Inc. observes, "Having served as a Director in his own community, navigating through some large-scale maintenance projects and complex litigation, Rich brings the perspective of our clients to life for us each and every day." Rich is also a Member of Community Associations Institute and holds the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB).

Rich's personal interests revolve around his family. He has two adult children, both living in the area, and two grandchildren. He and his wife attend all the soccer, football, softball, and volleyball games as well as school programs. They also like to make time to travel, especially road trips where they have no schedule, stopping to see the local sites. One of their favorite trips was a road trip through all the major National Parks in the Western US. Being an Army veteran, Rich wants to visit all the Memorials in Washington DC, in particular, the "Wall" in memory of the Viet Nam War.
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Ruth Chin
"Morris Management offers integrity, reliability and superb customer service.”
When a person has been in a professional field for over 30 years, they know their stuff. When one's career includes a masters degree in economics, decades in accounting, holding a real estate broker's license, and a specific background in community association management bookkeeping, well, that's the type of person who finds their way onto the Morris Management, Inc. team. Ruth Chin is such a person. In her role as a Bookkeeper, she draws from all her relevant experience to ensure financial accountability. It's up to Ruth to support a portfolio of community association clients and make sure they can rely upon the financial reports she generates to make the best decisions. Bruce Clary, Principal at Morris Management asserts, "Ruth has a dedicated work ethic and prides herself on producing an above average volume of high quality work, while remaining accommodating to the constantly changing priorities that are inherent to our industry."

Yet, it's more than numbers; it's an understanding of what it takes to best serve clients. Ruth has seen first hand, especially while in real estate, how much homeownership means, and how outstanding service make all the difference. In fact, that's what drew Ruth to Morris Management, "Everyone is very cheerful and friendly, it's great being part of such a professional team." She has found a perfect fit in this growing, successful company, "I enjoy communicating with people and I like to working with numbers. I respect each individual in the Morris family; we all contribute 100% of our skills and energy."

Ruth's feet have been firmly planted on the Eastside for decades. She enjoys a life of gardening, photography, hiking, and sharing her knowledge of Chinese herbs. She is a member of SCI-USA (a Buddhist organization) and does her best to make it to her local gym as often as possible. Yet, now with her daughter attending the University of Washington, Ruth plans on not just traveling across Lake Washington for visits, but seeing the world.
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Sarah Gradt
“Morris Management is such a great team; there is always someone more than willing to help you out."
There is something about Sarah Gradt… something genuine. You know she can be trusted. But it's more than just strength in character, it's an unmistakable charm. It stems from an honest-to-goodness kindness that drives Sarah to do her best on behalf of whomever she is currently helping. It's nothing she consciously is doing, it's just how she does things. Bruce Clary, Principal of Morris Management observes, "When you meet Sarah, I cannot imagine not being drawn to her. She has a special charisma or radiance that draws people towards her and the result is, inevitably, each person she comes into contact with somehow feels their day has been improved."

When Sarah first joined the Morris Management team, it was her commitment to take great care of their customers that allowed her fit in perfectly from day one. Yet, it's her ability to listen and apply what she has learned that ensures a long career in community association management. It helped that she came from a service background in retail, and being a Certified Life Coach certainly didn't hurt either. Add to that the fact that she holds an associate degree and plans on continuing her education to further her abilities in community association management. For Sarah, her position at Morris Management isn't just a job, it's a career.

When someone is as caring and thoughtful as Sarah, it's no surprise those qualities extend into her personal life. She can be found spending time with her husband, family and taking her dogs to the park. These dogs are rescue dogs and Sarah is their foster mother. Here again, her qualities make life better for all those around her, even the little four-legged ones who desperately need that special kindness Sarah offers.
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Shirley Ely: ARM, CPM, CMCA, AMS
“I work to build a more positive community atmosphere.”
Having more than 23 prior years in the management industry, Shirley Ely knows what works. "It's about creating positive client relationships, establishing practical budgets, occasionally defusing an angry homeowner, and bringing everyone together as allies," sums up Ely when discussing her role as a Community Association Manager at Morris Management, Inc. Her success comes from years honing her talent to guide communities through challenges in order to build a more positive atmosphere. This makes her a perfect fit at Morris Management where they approach their clients' needs as a team. Drawing from her extensive background, Shirley always adds perspective when tackling issues faced by the community associations the company serves.

To supplement her considerable experience, Shirley is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), holding their designations of Accredited Residential Manager (ARM) and Certified Property Manager (CPM)—the highest designation they offer. Furthermore, she is a member of Community Associations Institute (CAI) and holds a Washington State Real Estate License. She has also received her Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation from the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) and the Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation from Community Associations Institute (CAI). Never satisfied with status quo, Shirley continues to pursue more advanced designations from CAI.

From day one at Morris Management, Shirley knew this was the best place for her to apply her extensive experience. "The company overall has a personality conducive to a more positive relationship with their clientele with strong emphasis on providing great customer service," observes Ely. She views the organization as "friendly and responsive," words that are often used to describe Shirley herself. Bruce Clary, company Principal, expands on this opinion stating, "Shirley thrives on discovering our clients' needs and doing everything she can to place their interest(s) above all else."

Another observation Bruce Clary makes regarding Shirley is, "(She) always comes across as being calm as a cucumber; however she has an internal drive and urgency that runs at full speed." It's no wonder Shirley spends most of her free time riding her motorcycle. After all, a motorcyclist must stay calm while driving at fast speeds, must be experienced and in tune with her environment, must be "friendly and responsive.”
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